NirWP Ticket Pro

Advanced ticket system

With this plugin, implement an advanced support system on your site and communicate with your users

Ability to limit the number and time

Full compatibility with WooCommerce plugins

If you are using WooCommerce, NirWP Ticket Plugin can easily display your users’ purchases for the user to select when sending a ticket ( with mandatory and optional selection )

Also you can easily set a number and time limit for support for your WooCommerce products individually.(You can also set one or both of them unlimited) 

View the demo :

Username and password to login : demo

Ticket sending features

Email notification

When a new ticket is created by the user, a notification email is sent to the manager

You can send an email to the user when the user creates a ticket as if they have created a new ticket

when the user’s ticket is answered, an email will be sent to the user that the ticket You have been answered

We also have two email modes for support, when a user sends a ticket to support, an email is sent to support

when the user responds to a ticket, a notification email is sent to support 


It is also possible to inform the manager by Telegram.

Other facilities

Create infinite FAQs

You can easily create frequently asked questions for the upper part of the ticket submission form so that your users can get answers quickly without sending a ticket and the volume of your tickets will be reduced.

Infinity ready answer

Create infinitely ready answers for yourself so that you can answer different questions with pre-prepared answers with just one click.

compatibility with Dokan plugin

With this possibility, you can link the tickets of each product to the seller of that product and safely only monitor them as a site administrator.

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